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Know on Car insurance

A car insurance can compensate you for any financial loss incurred due to an accident, theft or natural calamity. It is the best way to protect yourself and your car from financial emergencies, including any legal liability, resulting from physical damage, traffic collision, bodily injury caused to you, the insured car, or a third party. It all depends on the policy you choose.

Types of Car Insurance

Third Party Car Insurance

This policy protects you from any legal liability if your car is involved in an accident.The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made Third party insurance mandatory for vehicles plying on the Indian roads.A car without third party insurance is deemed illegal.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive insurance cover is a matter of convenience because it covers you for everything included in third party car insurance and also for damages caused to your own car from fire, vandalism or falling objects (like a tree or hail)

Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) Cover for registered vehicle owner

This section of vehicle insurance provides financial support of Rs.15 lakhs to the policy holder / family members in an unfortunate event of accident disability/death of the policy holder (registered vehicle owner)

Liability Coverage

Auto liability coverage is mandatory in most states. Drivers are legally required to purchase at least the minimum amount of liability coverage set by state law. Liability coverage has two components:

Medical Payments Coverage

If you, your passengers or family members who are driving the insured vehicle are injured in an accident, medical payments coverage may help pay for costs associated with the injuries. Covered costs may include hospital visits, surgery, X-rays and more.

Colllision Coverage

If you're involved in an accident with another vehicle, or if you hit an object such as a fence, collision coverage may help pay to repair or replace your car (up to its actual cash value and minus your deductible). Collision coverage is typically optional. It may be required, however, by your vehicle's leaseholder or lender.

Why Choose Rajagopuram Wealth Management Car Insurance?

Your car is your reason for joy, happiness and immense pride. It gives you independence, freedom and the ease to move around. While buying a car is always a great emotional moment for the entire family, it is also one of the most important purchase decisions you ever made.

Once you buy a car it becomes crucial to protect your vehicle against risks and uncertainties. The moment your car rolls down the road, it is prone to many unforeseen hazards such as accidents, fire, theft and loss of vehicle, resulting in sudden and huge expenses that may drain out your hard earned money.

A good car insurance policy makes sure your vehicle stays safe and secure against any unfortunate event, and your expenses are completely covered in the wake of any such incidents. Get instant car insurance quotes along with the best-suited add-ons to strengthen your car insurance policy cover by Rajagopuram now!

Bumper to Bumper Insurance

Bumper to Bumper Car insurance Policy, also often referred to as The Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy, was introduced in India in 2009. … When claimed for, the insurance company is liable to pay the entire cost, or almost the entire cost, for any damage caused due to collision or other accidents.

Advantages of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance Policy

  • 100% Coverage: Get optimum claim settlement to rubber, plastic and metal parts of your vehicle without including any depreciation.
  • New vehicle damage risk: Policyholders are worried about the accidental risk for their brand new vehicle some plans do not cover the total vehicle. Bumper to bumper insurance plan covers 100% damage cost for your new vehicle.

Disadvantages of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance Policy

  • Premium is higher due to extensive damage coverage offered. However, the premium may increase 10-20% from normal coverage.
  • Restriction in a number of claims, insurer offers an only limited number of claims in a year after the limit your policy degrades to a comprehensive plan.Offers an unlimited number of claims to customers.
  • Zero depreciation plan is applicable only to new cars aged up to 5 years. Cars older than 5 years are not allowed to opt for this policy; this is the major drawback from a customer perspective.
  • Policy, not covers in case of engine damage due to oil leakage and normal wear and tear of tyres, clutch plates in normal course of driving.

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