Are you Worried about Your Child's Education Dream

Then You Need a
Child Insurance Plan?

 It is one of the best ways to save enough with regular investments for your child’s future for needs like higher education which can be costly.Financial protection features in child plans ensure that your child gets the best in the future even in your absence.A child education plan is an insurance policy that offers protection as well as an opportunity for saving money to ensure a secure future for your child.

Types of Child Education Plan

Child Endowment Plans

Your investments are put into multiple debt products based on the decisions made by the company. While the returns on such an investment are not big, there is guaranteed security for your money due to low risk.

Regular Premium Insurance Plans

Parents often like to choose what benefits they would like for their child and might forego on others. This also provides them with a facility of not paying premiums annually, but monthly or even quarterly. These payment cycles are suitable for many as well as come with different benefits customised to the schedules.

Single Premium Insurance Plans

At times, some parents may not want to be stuck with an annual premium payment because they may not want to be under the pressure of remembering the dates or keeping aside money for the premiums. In such cases, a one-time major payment can be opted for as well, which might even get you discounts for the same benefits.

How a child insurance plan will secure your child's future?

Provides financial security during the most crucial years of your child's life

Offers a perfect blend of investment and savings in a single plan

Safeguards child's future, even after demise of the parent

Favours disciplined, long term savings, which usually becomes a challenge

Reasons Why a Child Insurance Plan is Essential?

A child is a parent’s greatest joy. Being a good parent is a tremendous task. You worry about the well-being of your children. You hope that the decisions you make regarding your child are the right ones. You nurture your children into becoming responsible adults.

If unfortunately something untoward were to happen to you, it is instrumental that you plan for the prospects of your family. You should equip your family with all the means to lead a comfortable life.

Benefits of Children Education Plan

  • Secure your child’s future
  • Plan ahead to fulfill your child’s dream
  • Tax Benefits – Premiums paid are tax exempted
  • Peace of mind – As your child’s future is in safe hands, even if something unfortunate happens to you.

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