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Keep Your Office Safeguarded From Various Damages With Office Insurance Policy

Our Office Insurance policy protects

Package Policy

Single property insurance policy can cover all types of commercial assets including building, furniture, fittings and fixtures, electrical and electronic equipment, laptops and mechanical equipment.

Customized Cover

Apart from basic commercial office insurance coverage such as fire insurance, you can opt for add-on covers like burglary, theft, earthquake, electronic equipment insurance, and laptop insurance.


Policy can have several add-ons such as escalation clause, omission to insure, damage due to own cranes, and rent for alternative accomodation in the event the property cannot be used due to a claim.

protect your office and everything in it!

Business interruption (fire loss of profit):

Provides cover against the loss of income following the loss or damage by standard fire and special perils.

Portable equipment

Covers the loss or damage to portable equipment’s like laptops by fire, riot and strike, theft or any accidental external means or from any fortuitous causes.

Electronic Equipments

: Protects electronic equipment’s in the office premises against any losses or damages caused by any unforeseen and sudden physical events.

• Money (money in transit /money in safe / money in counter)

In business, transferring the money from one place to another often causes anxiety for everyone. Losses during-money in transit between the insured premises and specified bank and vice versa, money in safe, money in counter are covered.

Electrical and mechanical appliances

Protects electrical and mechanical appliances in the office premises against any accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown of such appliances.

Exclusion of Office insurance

Normal wear and tear, firm deterioration or gradually developing flaws are excluded from office insurance plan.

If any damages made intentionally, then it will not covered by this policy.

Any loss or damages associated office due to any illegal activities are excluded from this plan.

Any losses due to war, nuclear or atomic radiation are not covered by office insurance.

Any pollution damage will not be covered.

Momentous losses are excluded. Like, if a severe cyclone destroys your

Key Features of Office Insurance

Office insurance in India is formed to complete the insurance needs of your modern office, irrespective of the number of locations.

This plan is suitable for all types of offices; these could be any kind of corporate offices, computer training centers, consultancy offices of professionals like architects, solicitors, real estate agents, travel agents, tax-consultants etc.

This policy also offers insurance for commercial offices, BPO call centers and ITES, government offices, software development office.